The Ultimate Guide to Hiring Your Wedding DJ

When it comes to your wedding reception, it’s no secret that a good DJ can make or break the party.   Out of all the decisions you’ll make in the course of planning your big day, choosing a DJ that will keep your guests entertained may be one of the biggest.  So, how...

6 Questions To Consider for Your Wedding Day

Once the exhilaration and excitement of your engagement starts to settle, you’re going to be faced with planning and executing one of the most momentous days of your life. So, how do you do it? Where do you start?

5 Unique Venue Ideas

When scouting a location for your event consider doing some research on unusual and unique locations.  Hosting your event at a unique venue can re-define and absolutely captivate your guests by designing an experience that no one has ever had.  We've pulled together 5...

10 Holiday Wedding Theme Ideas

Holiday wedding themes can bring a festive feel to your celebration.  From decorated tree centerpieces to cakes adorned in candy canes, we've put together a list of 10 holiday wedding theme ideas below. Fresh & Real Decorations If you've ever visited Longwood...

Six Expenses to Consider In Your Wedding Budget

Your wedding day will absolutely be one of beauty, majesty, and fun amongst family, friends and loved ones…some of which are sure to get a bit too funky on the dance floor during some Beyonce song, risking injury to themselves and others at the reception. But that’s...

5 Ideas to Make Your Holiday Party Stand Out

Looking for holiday party ideas to make this year even better than last year?  Click on the image below to look at our gallery that features some unique ways to make this year's party stand out in your guests mind.

5 Tips for Better Event Follow Up

Creating entertaining corporate events, like fundraisers, store openings, trade shows or appreciation parties are a great way to connect with your clients, contributors and potential patrons…BUT it’s the post-event follow-up that is the most integral part of the process.

Popular Theme Party Ideas

Whether your aim is to entertain employees and colleagues, send your thanks to loyal customers, secure new business or simply leave your friends flabbergasted, no method has proven more impactful – and downright fun – than the perfect theme party. Here are five...

5 Tips to Help Develop Your Event Concept

Maybe it’s a yearly meeting or maybe even a weekly meeting, but each time you bring a group together for an event you want to make it memorable and interesting.  You typically want to provide some sort of value to the attendee.  When it comes to event production and...

Why We Love 3D (And You Should, Too!)

This Is It Entertainment is always striving to create the best experience for our clients and now we’re able to provide a completely immersive experience with our 3D event designer service.  Our clients are seeking outside the box, unique and creative ideas for their events and with our 3D event designer we are able to ensure efficiency and realize time savings for everyone.