5 Tips to Help Develop Your Event Concept

Maybe it’s a yearly meeting or maybe even a weekly meeting, but each time you bring a group together for an event you want to make it memorable and interesting.  You typically want to provide some sort of value to the attendee.  When it comes to event production and...

Why We Love 3D (And You Should, Too!)

This Is It Entertainment is always striving to create the best experience for our clients and now we’re able to provide a completely immersive experience with our 3D event designer service.  Our clients are seeking outside the box, unique and creative ideas for their events and with our 3D event designer we are able to ensure efficiency and realize time savings for everyone. 

What is Event Production?

Event production is the harmonious balance of creativity intertwined with flawless execution and management so that to the attendees of an event, everything is seamless and produces the intended experience for the audience. 

A Cool Mil Goes Into An “Almost Royal” Wedding!

They may not technically be British royalty, but what an almost royal wedding it was indeed! In case ya’ll missed it, Pippa Middleton became Mrs. James Matthews over the weekend! The couple were married at St. Mark’s Church in Englefield, England. She wore a beautiful...

Bridal Shows… this is why you should attend them!

Ok listen up!  If you are not attending bridal shows, you are definitely missing out on a very important planning step for your wedding!  It is also an experience.  Come on, ask yourself, how many times are you planning on getting married?  Once right?  Then you...

So you need wedding entertainment?

GREAT!  You probably have a question about our “wedding packages.”  …wait … PACKAGES?!? Actually… we do not have packages and here’s why! Imagine a world in which everyone pretty much looked alike, dressed the same way, did the same things, went to the same places,...

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