This Is It is leading the modernization of event production, planning & design with unique services, unmatched professionalism and ingenuity.  With over 20+ years of combined experience in marketing, conventions, meeting support, show services, private & corporate events, event production / entertainment industries, we understand that providing support to our clients allows for simultaneously developing and executing a seamless production that is not easily replicated.

Our innovative review & planning process, as well as, our hands-on approach enables our diverse team of professionals to fully comprehend the specific needs of all our clients.  As a full-scale event production powerhouse and concept developers, we are dedicated to guiding our clients from the “typical” by walking them towards their own traditions that will speak to & enhance the ultimate goal of each event, which is to inspire & motivate the audience.


This/Is/It en•ter•tain•ment - revolutionizing event production with unique services and unmatched professionalism

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