Ok listen up!  If you are not attending bridal shows, you are definitely missing out on a very important planning step for your wedding!  It is also an experience.  Come on, ask yourself, how many times are you planning on getting married?  Once right?  Then you should take the time to experience everything that is wedding related.  Plus, you can also have family & friends tag along as well.  In fact, we recommend that you do.  It is much more fun that way!

Below are 8 pretty good darn reasons why you should attend bridal shows & yes…we mean more than 1.

1.  Ok, so you have been dreaming about your wedding, but what the heck do you know about planning a wedding?  If you are not a wedding planner, then you need to attend!  Why?  Well, you may just meet a wedding planner!  Here’s the deal, these shows provide invaluable exposure to the many facets and intricacies involved in planning YOUR wedding.

2.  Kill 20,000 birds with 1 stone (hypothetically speaking…we are animal lovers!)  You will have the opportunity to meet with essential professionals that you want and will need at your wedding.
What type of professionals?
Bridal shows will typically include the following:

  • Entertainment companies
  • Photographers
  • Videographers
  • Limo services
  • Caterers
  • Planners
  • Florists
  • Travel agencies, etc.

Insider tip: Most of the time (not always) the professionals & vendors exhibiting at a venue are the facility’s recommended professionals.  Bonus!  This means they are familiar not only with the location & staff, but work with the other professionals relatively often thus adding synergy to your team!

3.  Not only can you meet with some great vendors; you will also see some samples of their work.  If you visit a photographer’s booth, you should see pictures of past work.  Videographer, ask to see a video.  Wedding cake business, they should have small cake samples and so on.  If they do not have these readily available, move on!

4.  Oh you don’t have a dress or tuxedo picked out yet?!! No need to worry.  Most bridal shows will have a runway show with the latest in wedding, bridesmaid & groomsmen fashions!

5.  Make the connection!  When choosing professionals, make sure that you not only LOVE their work, but also LIKE them as well.  Think about it, you will be working together for months (or longer) and you are trusting them with an extremely important day in your life.  If you don’t feel the connection, DON’T hire them!

6.  Let’s make a deal!  Before you head out to a show, do some research.  Check out some professionals that interest you.  Visit their website, social media accounts, read their reviews, etc.  You may be able to make a sweet deal with them at the show.  Ask if they are running a show promotion.  If they are not, ask if they are willing to work something out if you hire them there.  Chances are they will, but remember to always look for that connection.  So research first and do not just ask any company about getting a deal.  Only approach those you KNOW you can trust.

7.  FREE advice!!!  If this is your first time, you will definitely need advice & guidance.  Bridal shows will have some real & experienced professionals that will love to answer your questions.  Don’t be afraid to ask.  Also, make sure you pay real close attention.  Are they giving you sound advice or some BS?  You can smell BS a mile away, so the minute you smell it…MOVE ON!

8.  YOU get a prize, YOU get a prize & YOU get a prize (having a little Oprah moment here)!
Who the heck doesn’t love winning a prize?  Well you may just be the lucky one!  Many vendors at bridal shows have giveaways.  You could win a photography session, dance lessons, discount on entertainment, or even a HONEY MOON!  Here’s the catch though…. you have to sign up to have a chance to win & the best part is…it’s FREE!

9.  It’s a PARTAY!  Hey, go and have some fun!  Take some family & friends, enjoy some snacks, drinks & entertainment!  It’s an experience!  Live it!

We may have told you this before, but here it is again!  Make some address labels!  You are probably going to attend more than just 1 bridal show.  Print some address labels & all you’ll have to do is SLAP & GO!  You can enter every drawing without having to write your contact info over & over.  That will get old quick!  Make sure to include your name, address, email address & phone #.

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You can also check out our bridal show schedule HERE!

Come hang with us for a bit.  Remember it’s FREE!  You have much to gain & nothing to lose!