Whether your aim is to entertain employees and colleagues, send your thanks to loyal customers, secure new business or simply leave your friends flabbergasted, no method has proven more impactful – and downright fun – than the perfect theme party.

Here are five popular theme party ideas that will leave your guests delighted.

The Brat Pack Blowout

Their brooding angst and emotional outbursts were the stuff of ‘80s teen drama legend.

The Brat Pack ruled the decade with classic tales of street-tough turbulence, and misinterpreted teens coming of age before parents and school officials that just didn’t understand (except for that custodian in The Breakfast Club…he was cool).

Molly Ringwald, Emilio Estevez, Judd Nelson, Michael Anthony Hall…Tap into this beloved list of former teen titans and their iconic characters by hosting a Brat Pack Blowout.

If you want to do it right, make sure the dance floor stays golden like Pony Boy with a series of intelligent lighting. And bring in a DJ with some killer ‘80s cuts that will keep the dance floor packed with your guests, who will undoubtedly have one arm raised to the ceiling, pumping a fist that pokes through a fingerless glove.

The Nickelodeon Gala

The most trendy emotion of modern times is nostalgia, and you can look no further than the millennial generation’s infatuation with their Nickelodeon programming of yesteryear.

If you would enjoy having a busk in the “Theme Party Hall of Fame,” distribute your Nickelodeon Gala invitations in miniature replica Helga G. Pataki diaries; make sure the DJ has “Killer Tofu” by The Beets mixed into the playlist; and when it comes to the dinner spread, look no further than the Shore Shack menu from Rocket Power.

You may also want to rent a photo booth with props like Rugrats baby bottles, the Fairly OddParents’ magic wands, and SpongeBob’s spatula so all the Hey Arnold football heads and Rocko’s Modern Life lookalikes can capture memories from what is sure to be a remarkable evening.

Go Back to Prom

If you knew then what you know now, would you do things differently?

When it comes to the senior prom…I know I would. And odds are so would a lot of the people in your social and professional networks.

From the placement of corsages, to the slow dances, to the big kiss in the middle of the dance floor…Providing friends, customers and business partners the chance for a Prom Night mulligan is something they’ll never forget.

You can further set the mood with monogram projections around the hall and old prom picture montages displayed on HDTV screens, which is sure to be good for several laughs.

The Speakeasy Soiree

Any theme party that requires a secret password to get in is going to be of epic proportions.

May we suggest “Snickerdoodle”…aside from rolling off the tongue, everyone knows food items make the best passwords.

The sequin flapper dresses and gangster garb will only be half the fun.

Serve drinks out of non-uniform beer mugs and mason jars. Look into catering from similarly themed establishments like The Speakeatery in Asbury Park and make sure the dance floor is large enough for your guests to really swing…They didn’t call it the Roaring ‘20s for nothing.

The Royal Disney Princess Ball

Speaking of nostalgia, few organizations have impacted the lives of the millennial generation more than Disney.

From their massive theme parks to the blockbuster films, Disney has touched the lives of countless individuals…Especially the kids who dreamt of being imprisoned by a beastly creature in a scary castle. But she got a library out of the deal so everything is cool?

Belle, Ariel, Jasmine or Pocahontas. You’ll be hard pressed to find a Disney princess that hasn’t been idolized or fawned over. And you can provide guests the opportunity to slip into the role.

Make sure you have a soundtrack that is equal parts Frozen and New Orleans jazz, because Anna and Elsa may own the hits, but Tiana from the Princess and the Frog inspired some truly great tunes.

And when Snow White accepts a dance with her Prince Charming, wouldn’t it be true Disney magic to let them waltz on a cloud or amidst a light snowfall? Well now you can.