GREAT!  You probably have a question about our “wedding packages.”  …wait … PACKAGES?!?

Actually… we do not have packages and here’s why!

Imagine a world in which everyone pretty much looked alike, dressed the same way, did the same things, went to the same places, etc.  It would look and get pretty darn boring FAST!  No one and nothing would be unique.  So with that said, we know that no two brides are the same.  This is YOUR day!  YOU should be able to decide what you want and don’t want for your event!  We make this so super easy for you.  You tell us what you want and VOILA…you’ve got it!  Just like that.  Your very own customized, super ORIGINAL and classy event!

“What else will I get?”

When you hire This Is It Entertainment, our services will include:

At least 3 one-on-one creative consultation sessions with your entertainers.

  •      1st meeting will be with your smooth talking, you better get your ass on that dance floor professional Event Host/MC.  In this meeting you will discuss every intricacy of your day, enhancements, time line, logistics, pronunciation, and blah blah blah… JUST KIDDING!  We can’t give you all of our secrets right away!
  •      2nd meeting will be with your “I look good with these headphones on” and, “I am going to play some music that is going to get your ass on the dance floor” professional Music Mixologist/DJ.  You and your DJ will talk about all of the songs that YOU DO want and MUST hear as well as the songs that you ABSOLUTELY do not want to hear and if you do (but you won’t), we give you permission to throw your uneaten food (because you have been dancing all night) at them!
  •      The 3rd meeting will be with both of your entertainers, the DJ and the MC, to pretty much wrap everything up, tie up any loose ends, and perhaps enjoy some wine and/or beer and have some pizza at our AMAZING office (yes this does happen)!

These meetings ensure that your event is 100% customized to your needs as well as your desires and you get to form a bond, and often times, great friendships with your entertainers.  They will not be invisible phantoms meeting you one week prior to your event.

You can pick and choose from our extensive arsenal of enhancements like:

  • Ambient room Up-Lighting (set the mood baby!)
  • Intelligent Lighting Design
  • Monograms
  • Photo Booths
  • Dancing on the Clouds (this looks absolutely stunning!)
  • Our “White Wedding” Snowfall Spotlight Dance (yep… this happens… INSIDE!)
  • And so much more!

You also get FREE access to our event planning tool, This Is It All Access!  What can you use it for?

  • Fast & easy communication with the This Is It staff
  • Access to your own event planning & timeline forms
  • Create your personalized music list, choose/preview selections from a music database, and browse music suggestions by specific category
  • Customized clock counting down the # of days left until the BEST DAY EVER!

This eliminates the paper trail (We’ve gone GREEN baby!)  You can access this information any time and from any place!

Are you excited yet?!?  WAIT there is more!

You will also have direct access to our preferred wedding professionals list such as:

  • Photographers
  • Florists
  • Planners
  • Stylists, etc

We will literally hold your hand and help you throughout the whole planning process.  You have questions?  CALL US.  Do not hesitate.  We are here to help you and our staff is dedicated to turning all of your wedding day ideas and desires into reality. This is what we do and what we LOVE to do.  We are in the business of making people HAPPY and it feels sooo GOOD!


The This Is It Staff