How We Are Dealing With COVID-19

The past couple of weeks have been quite trying for so many of us, therefore, we want to address how we are handling the COVID-19 crisis now and as we move forward. In order to ensure the safety of our staff and our clients, as well as, obey the regulations set forth by our government, we have transitioned This Is It Entertainment (TIIE) to conduct business remotely.

Our remote operations will continue once mandated guidelines are lifted. We believe that minimizing face-to-face contact for now, leading up to an event, is the best decision for our clients and our staff to keep everyone safe as we do not know what will happen in the coming fall and winter months this year. 

Please note, the working remotely business operations is only for all of the planning that has to be completed for an event prior to the event date. However, our staff will personally attend each event to execute all of the services we’ve planned for our clients.

What does operating remotely mean?

We have access to excellent technology which allows us the benefit of having interactive communication, provides comfort, flexibility and convenience and promotes going green which is great for the environment! Working remotely will also help to keeps us safe as we work towards a semblance of normalcy post COVID-19. 

Therefore, we will conduct all our planning meetings with our current clients via telephone calls and/or video chats using platforms such as FaceTime, Skype, Zoom, etc. 

New client meetings (for any type of event) will also be conducted the same way. 

This Is It Entertainment has great planning tools in place and we utilize the latest technology available which allows us to continue to be hands-on with our planning, design and entertainment services for all of our clients and for any type of event while working remotely. In-fact, this is how we’ve been working with our long distance/out-of-state clients for years.

Event Postponements & Business Continuity – 

Due to COVID-19, we’ve had to reschedule many of our existing events for later this year or next year. This Is It Entertainment has a full staff of event specialists and multiple entertainment teams which has given us the opportunity to be able to reschedule all of our events without any problems. We’ve also been able to provide our services to new clients that were not able to reschedule with their existing vendor due to conflicts with availability.

Every client and every event is extremely important to us. Having a full staff allows for us to not only service multiple clients, but also to have solid business continuity plans in place to ensure that operations are not disrupted. 

As stated above, we will continue our business operations remotely for now and into the future as we all need to take caution once the restrictions are lifted by the government.

We have been extremely successful while working remotely, therefore, we have decided to permanently keep working this way as we have seen tremendous benefits of convenience and flexibility for our staff and clients. Plus, this seems to be the way of the future for many! 

We are extremely grateful for our past and present clients and all the support we’ve received during this difficult time. We look forward to getting back to work and producing amazing events for all of you!

Be well. Be kind. Stay connected.