Event Production & Atmosphere Enhancements

This Is It Entertainment is a complete Entertainment & Event Production company specializing in customizing all types of events. Optional Production Enhancement Features include Satellite Audio/Pa Set Ups, Intelligent Lighting Design, Moving Head Fixtures, Truss Systems, Ambient Room Washing/Dynamic Intelligent Up-Lighting, Hi-Definition Flat Screen Televisions, Custom Video Graphic Displays, Video Picture Montage, Dancers (Party Motivators), Monogram Projection, Cloud  & Snow Effects, etc…


On-Site Wedding Ceremony Music Production

This enhancement provides the music production executed live by a This Is It staff member & PA/Audio system for wedding ceremonies taking place at the same location as the reception.  The PA system will be an additional satellite audio set up which includes speaker, wireless microphone & stand, as well as Pre Ceremony Music, Processional(s), & Recessional songs.


Cocktail Hour Music Production

Cocktail Hour is the precursor to the set the mood for an entire event.  Our Cocktail Hour Enhancement option provides a Satellite PA/Audio system set up for Cocktail Hour taking place in a separate room location (on-site) from the reception portion of the event.   This service includes a custom made playlist by client’s song & music style choices put together seamlessly for playback.


Lighting Design

Lighting Design can really compliment the ambiance, provide spotlighting, or turn up the energy of any event. It consists of two different elements, Intelligent Moving Head Fixtures and Up-Lighting Fixtures. These enhancements allow our Lighting Engineers to drastically change the look of any room OR simply compliment it with a touch of elegance.  These two elements can be purchased individually as separate options or combined depending on the effect desired. When combined the two together, This Is It can transform any event into an awe inspiring theatrical lighting production! The term “Intelligent” or “Dynamic” Lighting allows us to instantly manipulate colors, effects, designs as well as synchronization with live music. This is all powered by computer software controlled by our trained lighting engineers and programmed to each clients preference as well as room specifications.


Monogram Projection

A Monogram is a great way to enhance the ambiance and feel of a room. Adding a projected display of names, company logo, initials, event date, etc.., on the dance floor or anywhere in the room is a simple & elegant touch towards personalizing each event. Clients may custom design their monogram artwork or pick and choose from a vast array of fonts, template arrangements, and combinations to create their display.


Low Lying Cloud Special Effect & “Dancing On the Clouds Spotlight Dance”

A low-lying cloud machine produces this cloud effect that silently envelops the dance floor/room in ankle to knee high cloud, making for a stunning special effect with spectacular photo and video opportunities.


Snow Special Effect & “White Wedding Snowfall”

Instantly transform the atmosphere in your venue by making snowflakes fall from the sky. This effect will shock your guests by making it snow inside no matter what time of year it is!  Also known as our “White Wedding” Enhancement add snow for a dramatic impact on a spotlight dance, special moment or themed event.


Multimedia Display

Multimedia has become a huge party favorite and by utilizing our advanced software and equipment display a wide variety of options; Picture Montages, Graphic Monograms, Visual Effects, or Music Video Mixing (Video Jockey) on HDTV display screens.


Photo Booths

Photo booths provide a fun activity great for weddings, parties, proms, graduations and corporate functions! We offer an array of photo booth styles such as, lounge, open air, elegant arrival, & Paparazzi style.

Have your name/monogram, logo, or slogan printed on the bottom of each photo strip for a party favor your guests will want to keep! All Photo Booth Packages Includes: An attendant to deliver, setup, breakdown and assist guests, Unlimited photo during your rental time, USB drive with all photos as keepsakes, Free graphic/logo on photo strip, Free photo scrapbook/guestbook, Your choice of black & white or color toned photos along with fun props for your guests to enjoy. Our photo booths are outfitted with the top of the line digital cameras and printers and their sleek, modern designs will look great with any events décor.


Room Décor / Pipe & Drape

Lounge furniture and pipe & drape can bring an upscale, modern feel to weddings, private, or corporate events.  Looking to set the mood for an intimate gathering, or astound your guests with spectacular and innovative party décor of lounge furnishings and illuminations, we will craft an event that is anything but usual, and leave even the most distinguished tastes saying “Wow!” Choose from a multitude of different lounge type furniture (sofas, chairs, acrylics etc…) and/or pipe & drape, to completely customize your banquet facility and produce a one of a kind event.


Live Percussion

Adding percussion is a great way to compliment the party energy at an event. Imagine having the best of both worlds a Professional DJ and live band feel! Our professional percussionists will play along with our DJs with a multitude of different timbales, toms, cymbals, cowbells & woodblocks, creating a unique feeling and seamless sound everyone will enjoy!

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