When scouting a location for your event consider doing some research on unusual and unique locations.  Hosting your event at a unique venue can re-define and absolutely captivate your guests by designing an experience that no one has ever had.  We’ve pulled together 5 ideas for you on unique event spaces.

1) A factory or industrial setting can be a great backdrop to your event. Lighting, decor and furniture can be brought in to create the ambiance and transform the space into an awe-inspiring space.
2) Empty or abandoned buildings are also a great option that can be cost effective as well. Reach out to the property owner or leasing agent to see if this might be possible if you have a space in mind.
3) In a city or urban area, a rooftop space is also a possibility, even if there isn’t an existing bar present. Your production team can determine the logistics and set-up to ensure a space like this can work for your event.
4) County parks are a beautiful backdrop for a daytime or evening event. You can usually visit your local county park’s website to see a list of spaces they have available and the cost to rent. The price is usually very reasonable, leaving you with the ability to shift your budget for decor, setup and event entertainment.
5) Aquariums offer beautiful scenery and usually have event space available for rent. Do a search online to find nearby aquariums and maybe some images of events that have been hosted there.

The team at This Is It Entertainment are specialists in locating and planning unique event spaces. We work with our clients to ensure every aspect of the event is covered by doing venue walk-throughs, creative sessions and logistics meetings. Hosting your event at an unusual location can be an easy process as long as you have expert guidance. In some cases, it can help you shift budget to other aspects of your event allowing you to create exactly what you want. Contact us if you are interested in a unique venue space or have one in mind and would like some information on all the services we can provide for off-site events.